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WERGO – New Releases

Monolithen Debussy | Zimmermann | Strawinsky

The piano works for two pianos united here have quite a few inner connections. Each breaks down aesthetic conventions and involves vast historical and geographic horizons while demanding the highest level of virtuosity from the performers.

John Cage: One7 | Four6

In the last six years of his life John Cage composed his so-called “Number Pieces”. This CD presents the first recording of the version for piano of "One7" and "Four6" by the pianist Sabine Liebner.

Edition Musikfarbrik: Graffiti

The Ensemble Musikfabrik continues its CD series on the label WERGO with “Street Art”: The eighth CD of Edition Musikfabrik combines pieces by the Korean composer Unsuk Chin, the Austrian Olga Neuwirth and the American Afro-Futurist Sun Ra.

Kurt Schwitters: Ursonate und andere Konsequente Dichtung

The phonetic-musical SprechKunstTrio [speech art trio] sprechbohrer presents its unique interpretation of Schwitters' "Ursonate" and other works by the artist who created one of the 20th century’s most multifaceted oeuvre of sound poetry.

Johannes Boris Borowski: Fagottkonzert / Wandlung / Klavierkonzert / Chergui

In his portrait CD, Borowski focusses on a genre that can rarely be found in contemporary music under its description: the concerto.

Keiko Harada: F-fragments – Works for accordion and piano

The Japanese composer Keiko Harada “is a rarity among modern composers inasmuch as she accepts the great ‘mystery’, the movement of her own soul, as the wellspring of her creativity.”

Adriana Hölszky: Wie ein gläsernes Meer, mit Feuer gemischt - Works for Organ

The title of Hölszky’s “apocalyptic” work for organ “... und ich sah wie ein gläsernes Meer, mit Feuer gemischt” [And I saw what looked like a sea of glass mixed with fire] describes extremely contrasting realities: "sea of glass" and "fire". They interact in clear-cut succession.

Toshio Hosokawa: Quintets & Solos

“Music is calligraphy using sounds painted on the canvas of silence.” There is not a single note in the music of Hosokawa that is not continuously modified like a brushstroke – every sound seems to be the result of inexorable change.

Sebastian Gramss: Thinking of …

"Thinking of …" is an homage to the double-bass player and artist Stefano Scodanibbio who died before his time in 2012. This project gathered the “crème de la crème”of the modern double-bass world.

Malika Kishino: Irisation

This portrait CD provides insight into the sensitive and exciting sound aesthetics of the composer Malika Kishino. Nature and beauty constitute the main points of reference of her oeuvre; japanese culture and its aesthetics leave a mark on Kishino's music.

David Brynjar Franzson: the Negotiation of Context

“the Negotiation of Context” is assembled from various sounds and contexts on top of a topography of pre-existing programs: the history of the instruments, the social dynamics of the performers, and the means of presentation of the piece.

studio reihe – Arnold Schoenberg: Pierrot lunaire

For the first time available on CD: This recording of Schoenberg's "Pierrot lunaire" was the first long-playing record released by the newly founded label WERGO in 1962.

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