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WERGO – New Releases

Edition ZKM electronic: Enlarge Your Sax – Pedro Bittencourt

The Brazilian saxophone player Bittencourt presents compositions for solo saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone) and electronics each of which is characterized by a different configuration and a different kind of musical interaction.

Jagoda Szmytka: Bloody Cherries

In her works, the Polish composer Jagoda Szmytka takes a closer look at the physicality of sound and examines the contact between the bodies of the performer and the instrument, among others.

Mark Andre: …auf…

Andre’s compositions “...auf...” [...on...] are three independent orchestral pieces. Taken together, they can be heard as a cycle or as a triptych, like a three-part altarpiece. Though they are related, each work begins again the search for new resonances and means for transitions between sounds.

Valentin Silvestrov: Spectrums / Symphony No. 2 / Cantata / Meditation / “Farewell, O World …!”

“In my first works, I made it my goal to achieve a lyrical atmosphere.” As early as 1967, the Ukrainian composer Silvestrov – who calls himself a “lyricist and poet in music” – formulated with these words his compositional Credo, which has remained unchanged throughout the years.

Detlev Müller-Siemens: TRACES

In these chamber music works, the serenity and thoughtfulness of the form contrast with the inner turbulence that comes from a musical language that is “on its own” and does not follow any pre-existing patterns.

Hans Werner Henze: Symphonies 110

In recent years, five CDs with the complete symphonies of Hans Werner Henze have been released. Now WEGO presents the outstanding recordings in a 5-CD box.

Rolf Riehm: Lenz in Moskau / Im Nachtigallental / Ton für Ton (weiße Straßen Babylons) / Au bord d’une source

Even without an imaginary stage, Riehm’s music is scenic, because in it human relationships, profoundly changed by catastrophic events, are powerfully represented through the music.

Monolithen – Debussy | Zimmermann | Strawinsky

The piano works for two pianos united here have quite a few inner connections. Each breaks down aesthetic conventions and involves vast historical and geographic horizons while demanding the highest level of virtuosity from the performers.

John Cage: One7 | Four6

In the last six years of his life John Cage composed his so-called “Number Pieces”. This CD presents the first recording of the version for piano of "One7" and "Four6" by the pianist Sabine Liebner.

Edition Musikfarbrik: Graffiti

The Ensemble Musikfabrik continues its CD series on the label WERGO. This time, the artwork is based on pictures by the painter Gerhard Richter. The eighth CD of Edition Musikfabrik combines pieces by the Korean composer Unsuk Chin, the Austrian Olga Neuwirth and the American Afro-Futurist Sun Ra.

Enjott Schneider: China Meets Europe

China’s mysterious culture has fascinated Schneider for a long time. The CD “China Meets Europe” presents two works which, though they owe their sound primarily to western symphonic ideas, in spirit however have many Chinese characteristics.

Kurt Schwitters: Ursonate und andere Konsequente Dichtung

The phonetic-musical SprechKunstTrio [speech art trio] sprechbohrer presents its unique interpretation of Schwitters' "Ursonate" and other works by the artist who created one of the 20th century’s most multifaceted oeuvre of sound poetry.

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