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Stirrings Still

Stirrings Still

composer: Rebecca Saunders
booklet writer: Michael Struck-Schloen
orchestra/ensemble: Ensemble Musikfabrik

Ensemble Musikfabrik (Helen Bledsoe: flute / Peter Veale: oboe / Carl Rosman: clarinet / Marco Blaauw: trumpet / Adrian Pereyra: electric guitar / Dirk Rothbrust: percussion / Ulrich Löffler: piano / Juditha Haeberlin: violin / Dirk Wietheger: violoncello / Michael Tiepold: double bass / Corin Long: double bass)

Edition: CD
Order number: WER 66942

Price: 18.50 €
including VAT and plus delivery


blaauw: solo for double-bell trumpet
Blue and Gray for two double basses
Duo for violin and piano
vermilion for clarinet in Bb, electric guitar and violoncello
Stirrings Still for five players: alto flute, oboe, clarinet in A, piano and crotales


“What we call silence is for me comparable to a dense knot of noise, frequencies, and sounds,” says Rebecca Saunders. “From this surface of apparent silence I try to draw out and mould sound and colour." Samuel Beckett's works have become very important for the composer. Therein lies, perhaps, a certain parallel to Rebecca Saunders’s more recent music: in the increasing sparseness of a language that gradually shuts out the inessential and ornamental.
“Stirrings Still” is a music that seems to be inside and outside at once – both mobile sound sculpture and a journey beneath the surface of the sound waves, into the interior of a sound that suddenly seems more distant yet more intense. “Such and much more such the hubbub in his mind so-called till nothing left from deep within but only ever fainter oh to end,” Beckett writes at the end of his “Stirrings Still”. “Oh all to end.”
"We love to contemplate blue, not because it advances to us, but because it draws us after it.”. (Johann Wolfgang Goethe: Farbenlehre)
"Blue is darkness made visible … The darkness comes in with the tide.” (Derek Jarman: Chroma – A book of colour)
"Vermilion is a red with a feeling of sharpness, like a glowing steel which can be cooled by water. Vermilion is quenched by blue, for it can support no mixture with a cold colour. The glow of red is within itself.." (Wassily Kandinsky: Concerning the Spiritual in Art)


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