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Earle Brown - A Life in Music - Vol. 2

Earle Brown - A Life in Music - Vol. 2

Earle Brown's Contemporary Sound Series

composer: Richard Orton - David Bedford - Luciano Berio - Sir Harrison Birtwistle - Earle Brown - Morton Feldman - Bruno Maderna - Sir Peter Maxwell Davies - Luigi Nono
editor: Earle Brown
interpreter: John Tilbury - Richard Orton - David Tudor - Seymour Barab - Don Butterfield - Jacques Castagner - Alan Ray Hacker - Don Hammond - Philip Kraus - Walter Lewis - Jane Manning - Francis Pierre - Matthew Raimondi - David Soyer - Mary Thomas - Walter Trampler - Moray Welsh
booklet writer: Richard Orton - David Bedford - Sir Harrison Birtwistle - Earle Brown - Morton Feldman - D.J. Hoek - Sir Peter Maxwell Davies - Henri Pousseur
conductor: Luciano Berio - Bruno Maderna - Sir Peter Maxwell Davies
orchestra/ensemble: The English Chamber Orchestra - The Pierrot Players

The English Chamber Orchestra / conductor: Bruno Maderna / Jacques Castagner: flute / Walter Lewis: clarinet / Francis Pierre: harp / Walter Trampler: viola / Seymour Barab: cello / conductor: Luciano Berio / The Pierrot Players / conductor: Peter Maxwell Davies / Mary Thomas: soprano / Jane Manning: soprano / John Tilbury: piano / Moray Welsh: cello / Richard Orton: piano / Don Hammond: (alto) flute / Don Butterfield: tuba / David Tudor: piano / Philip Kraus: vibraphone, orchestra bells, marimba / Matthew Raimondi: violin / David Soyer: cello

Edition: 3 CDs
Order number: WER 69312

Price: 36.50 €
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Earle Brown – A Life in Music – Vol. 2:

CD 1 – Works for Chamber Orchestra
Luigi Nono: Polifonica – Monodia – Ritmica
Bruno Maderna: Serenata N. 2
Luciano Berio: Différences

CD 2 – New Music from London
Peter Maxwell Davies: Antechrist
Harrison Birtwistle: Ring a Dumb Carillon
David Bedford: Come In Here Child
Richard Orton: Cycle for 2 or 4 Players

CD 3 – Feldman – Brown
Morton Feldman: Durations I–IV
Earle Brown: Music for Violin, Cello and Piano
Music for Cello and Piano


Quarterly German Record Critics' Award for second CD set of Earle Brown's Contemporary Sound Series, published on WERGO!

Earle Brown’s legendary Contemporary Sound Series will be released on WERGO CDs. Recorded between 1960 and 1973, the original eighteen LPs have been highly sought after in the secondary market since 1978 when they were discontinued. These rare and historically important recordings of international avant-garde music have been carefully digitized and remastered by the Earle Brown Music Foundation.
The series - re-released on WERGO since 2009 - presents the extraordinary world of contemporary and avant-garde music that flourished in Europe, the United States, Latin America and Japan in the 1960s and early 1970s.

The second CD set within this series contains works by Luigi Nono, Bruno Maderna, Luciano Berio, Peter Maxwell Davies, Harrison Birtwistle, David Bedford, Richard Orton, Morton Feldman and Earle Brown, performed by The English Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Bruno Maderna; Jacques Castagner, Walter Lewis, Francis Pierre, Walter Trampler and Seymour Barab directed by Luciano Berio; The Pierrot Players under the direction of Peter Maxwell Davies; Mary Thomas, Jane Manning, John Tilbury, Moray Welsh and Richard Orton; Don Hammond, Don Butterfield, David Tudor, Matthew Raimondi and David Soyer. 

Here you can find further information on the Earle Brown Music Foundation.

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2010 |German Record Critics' Award

German Record Critics' Award

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