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Reading Castañeda

Reading Castañeda

composer: Mesias Maiguashca
interpreter: Francisco Moreno - Gaby Schumacher - Bassam Abdul-Salam - Pierre Dutilleux - Bettina Geiger - Melvyn Poore - André Wolf

Edition ZKM

ZKM electronic

Bettina Geiger: flute / Gaby Schumacher: violoncello / Francisco Moreno: speaker / Bassam Abdul-Salam, André Wolf: metal objects / Pierre Dutilleux: NeXT Computer / Melvyn Poore: radio baton

Edition: CD - 72-page booklet
Order number: WER 20532

Price: 12.00 €
including VAT and plus delivery


The Spirit Catcher
The Tonal
Sacateca's Dance
The Wings of Perception II
El Oro
The Nagual


The projects, ranging from digital synthesis and algorithmic composition to the integration of live electronics, from radio art to sound installation, encompass a broad spectrum of that locus where digital technology stimulates musical fantasy. "Reading Castañeda" is a journey through a sound landscape: a dream world of bizarre sounds. The ear can take a walk through it just as the feet find their way through a rugged mountain region. The composition was inspired by the books of Carlos Castañeda.


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