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Fa:m' Ahniesgwow

Fa:m' Ahniesgwow

Experimental Speech Composition

composer: Hans G Helms
interpreter: Harald Muenz - Georg Sachse - Sigrid Sachse
booklet writer: Harald Muenz - Stefan Fricke - Hans G Helms

sprechbohrer – Phonetisch-musikalisches SprachKunstTrio:Sigrid Sachse, Harald Muenz, Georg Sachse: phonetic voices

Edition: 2 CDs - 68-page booklet, slipcase
Order number: WER 63142

Price: 24.50 €
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CD 1: Fa:m' Ahniesgwow I, II, III
CD 2: Fa:m' Ahniesgwow IV, V


Hans G Helms's book "Fa:m’ Ahniesgwow" which has become a legend of the avant-garde moves in the borderland between literature and musical composition. In his work the author critically examines the structures of the continuing fascistoid society and takes a look at the era of economically miraculous consumer stress. Helms observes social and politico-economic phenomena, combines the things he has seen and experienced with the parameters of semantics, phonetics and grammar, using – strictly speaking – the language to compose.
The integral recording of Helms's opus was accomplished by the SprachKunstTrio [SpeechArtTrio] sprechbohrer in 2009 after several years of examination of the work – sixty years after Helms had completed his work on the book. Due to intensive communication with Hans G Helms, a high degree of interpretive authenticity has been achieved.
sprechbohrer have realised the integral recording of the 90-minute work in collaboration with the Hessischer Rundfunk; it was broadcast for the first time on the channel hr2-Kultur on 30 August 2009.
"The precise and meticulous manner in which sprechbohrer, thanks to their specialist knowledge and commitment, have analysed and realised the intentions of my structures created in the intermediate realm between speech and music has not escaped the notice of the vast majority of the attentively listening and responding audience." (Hans G Helms)

co-production with Hessischer Rundfunk (hr2-kultur) 2009 
supported by the Kunststiftung NRW.


2011 |German Record Critics' Award

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