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James Joyce / Marcel Duchamp / Erik Satie: An Alphabet (Ein Alphabet)

James Joyce / Marcel Duchamp / Erik Satie: An Alphabet (Ein Alphabet)

editor: Klaus Schoening
text writer: John Cage
interpreter: Charles Morrow - Jackson MacLow - Mimi Johnson - Tao Fay Park - Hans Otte - Jerome Rothenberg - Christian Wolff - Dick Higgins - Sieglinde Kistner - Wulf Herzogenrath - Richard Kostelanetz - Peter Behrendsen - George Brecht - John Cage - Philip Corner - Alvin Curran - Charles Dodge - Wiltrud Fischer - Malcolm Goldstein - Melissa Gould - Mauricio Kagel - Gerhard Rühm - Nadja Schoening - David Vaughan
booklet writer: Klaus Schoening
German edition: Klaus Reichert
narrator: Klaus Reichert
stage director: John Cage - Klaus Schoening

Voices - Stimmen:Klaus Reichert: narrator / John Cage (James Joyce) / Alvin Curran (Erik Satie) / Charles Dodge (Marcel Duchamp) / Mimi Johnson (Rrose Sélavy) / Melissa Gould (Teeny Duchamp) / Dick Higgins (Buckminster Fuller) / Christian Wolff (Henry David Thoreau) / Jerome Rothenberg (Robert Rauschenberg) / Park Tao Fay (Mao as child) / Jackson MacLow (Brigham Young) / David Vaughan (Jonathan Albert) / Malcolm Goldstein (Thorstein Veblen) / Philip Corner (Oppian) / Charles Morrow (Henrik Ibsen) / Richard Kostelanetz (Isidore Isou) / Mauricio Kagel (Erik Satie) / George Brecht (Marcel Duchamp) / Wiltrud Fischer (Rrose Sélavy) / Sieglinde Kistner (Teeny Duchamp) / Hans Otte (Henry David Thoreau) / Dick Higgins (Robert Rauschenberg) / Nadja Schöning (Mao as child) / Gerhard Rühm (Brigham Young) / Peter Behrendsen (Jonathan Albert, Buckminster Fuller, Henrik Ibsen) / Wulf Herzogenrath (Thorstein Veblen, Isidore Isou) / Alvin Curran (Oppian) / John Cage and Klaus Schöning: direction

Edition: 2 CDs
Order number: WER 63102

Price: 24.50 €
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CD 1 English Version:
John Cage reads the introduction to the WDR radio version of the play, 1982
James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: An Alphabet
WDR Sound Art Festival "2nd Acustica International", 1990
Performance with John Cage and friends
Recorded at the Equitable Theatre of the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 29 April 1990
- CD 2 Deutsche Version (Übersetzung von Klaus Reichert):
James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: Ein Alphabet
WDR "NachtCageTag" anlässlich "John Cage 75"
Performance mit John Cage und Freunden
Musikhochschule Köln, 14. Februar 1987


"James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Erik Satie: An Alphabet" is a poetic, philosophical spoken piece by John Cage, based on his memories of decades of studying the works of Joyce, Duchamp and Satie. Live performances in German and English took place in 1987 at the "NachtCageTag" [NightCageDay] of the WDR Cologne to mark the 75th birthday of the composer, and in 1990 at the WDR Sound Art Festival "2nd Acustica International" in New York, with an outstanding cast.


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