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Computer Music Currents 12

Computer Music Currents 12

composer: Thierry Lancino - Tamas Ungvary
interpreter: Thierry Lancino - Pierre-André Valade - Jean Sulem - Pierre Strauch - Vincent Bauer - Christine Cairns - Jean-Guillaume Cattin - Ichirô Nodaïra - Miller Puckette
choir: Les Petits Chanteurs de Paris
conductor: Patrick Marco - Peter Eötvös
orchestra/ensemble: Ensemble intercontemporain

Ensemble InterContemporain / Peter Eötvös: conductor / Christine Cairns: contralto / Les Petits Chanteurs de Paris / Patrick Marco: conductor / Pierre-André Valade: flute / Jean Sulem: viola / Pierre Strauch: violoncello / Ichiro Nodaïra: piano / Vincent Bauer, Jean-Guillaume Cattin: percussion / Miller Puckette, Thierry Lancino: 4X Console

Edition: CD
Order number: WER 20322

Price: 12.00 €
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Lancino, Thierry: Aloni
Ungvary, Tamas: Gypsy Children's Giant Dance with Ili Fourier


The French composer Thierry Lancino composed his work "Aloni" for instrumental ensemble, boys' choir, vocal soloists and the live-elctronic environment developed at IRCAM, Paris. Specially designed algorithms process the acoustic music of instrumentalists and singers in real time and create a new musical dimension of space, timbre and artistic intensity.
Tamas Ungvary is one of the pioneers of digital music at EMS, Stockholm, and is currently head of the computer music program at the Music Academy in Vienna. He composed for the computer as "non-real time soloist" in "Gypsy Children's Giant Dance with Ili Fourier". The recording of a children's dance from Hungary is analyzed by the computer and put back together in a way only an artist could come up with. The result is a phantastic voyage through sounds with gypsy music shimmering on the waves of new spectral shapes.


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