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Sichtbare Spuren - Visible Traces

Sichtbare Spuren - Visible Traces

Edition Musikfabrik

composer: Nicolaus A. Huber - Mauro Lanza - Rebecca Saunders - Bernd Alois Zimmermann
interpreter: Olivier Pasquet - David Poissonnier - Melvyn Poore
booklet writer: Patrick Hahn
conductor: Diego Masson - Peter Rundel - Etienne Siebens
orchestra/ensemble: Ensemble Musikfabrik

Ensemble Musikfabrik / David Poissonnier, Olivier Pasquet, Melvyn Poore: sound direction / Peter Rundel, Etienne Siebens, Diego Masson: conductors

Edition: CD
Order number: WER 68522

Price: 16.50 €
including VAT and plus delivery


Rebecca Saunders: A Visible Trace for eleven soloists and conductor
Mauro Lanza: Vesperbild for ensemble, toy instruments and electronics
Nicolaus A. Huber: Music on Canvas for ensemble
Bernd Alois Zimmermann: Metamorphose for small orchestra


In the compositions on this CD - "Sichtbare Spuren - Visible Traces" - within the "Edition Musikfabrik", visible things have left audible traces, whether in reference to the image of the pietà, distorted to the point of grotesquery by Mario Lanza or in the form of the everyday activities from which Nicolaus A. Huber has fashioned his music’s “canvas.” In Bernd Alois Zimmermann’s score for an experimental film by Michael Wolgensinger, we find traces from a whole range of musical spheres, as a counterpoint to the image. 
In the case of Rebecca Saunders, even invisible things become visible in the quest for the lost object. In the case of Rebecca Saunders, whose piece provided this compilation’s title, even invisible things become visible; in the quest for the lost object, on which she is accompanied by Samuel Beckett, “it is the thing alone, isolated by the need to see it, by the need to see. The thing immobile in the void, here at last is the visible thing, the pure object.”

production by Westdeutscher Rundfunk


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