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Souvenir, Souvenir
composer: Luc Ferrari
interpreter: Elmar Schrammel
booklet writer: Elmar Schrammel
Elmar Schrammel: piano
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“Anecdotic” is the term Luc Ferrari used to describe his music, portraying incidents, experiences and atmospheres in this music: “It‘s all about trying to express the passing ideas, feelings and intuitions by different means, to observe everyday life in all its realities, whether they are social, psychological or sentimental.”

It is exactly this endeavour that characterizes the works released on this CD. They were performed by the pianist Elmar Schrammel who “brilliantly captured the polyglot aesthetics and left an impressive mark”. (
Frankfurter Rundschau)

Thus, the "Suite hétéroclite" becomes a sounding souvenir of his transatlantic cruise to Edgard Varèse.

"Antisonate" – this title clearly states the will not to establish the classical form. It is especially the musical substance that has to be seen as an expressionof savagery and non-conformity.

The composition Sonatine Elyb was written in the early 1950s. In keeping with the spirit of that decade, it follows the principle of serial technique.

"Visage I" juxtaposes two different compositional methods, contrasting serial and repetitive techniques.

The "Collection de petites pièces ou 36 enfilades pour piano et magnétophone", a collection of very short pieces, was originally conceived as a sort of musical theatre.

Even "Fragments d’un journal intime" goes back to a music-theatre play by Ferrari entitled "Journal intime" which was premiered in Paris in 1983.

“I would like to express my dearest thanks for his unique pianistic performance and his musical intelligence. Moreover, I would like to thank WERGO, that I can now include this new release in the catalogue of my companion through life.” (Brunhild Ferrari)

Suite hétéroclite
Sonatine Elyb
Visage I
Collection de petites pièces ou 36 enfilades pour piano et magnétophone
with the original magnetic tape by Luc Ferrari
two pieces from:
Fragments d’un journal intime
Souvenir, Souvenir
Order number: WER 67372 18.50 €  Add to basket
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