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Hommage à Dynam-Victor Fumet

Hommage à Dynam-Victor Fumet

Frédéric Denis plays the Henri Didier organ of the Laon cathedral

composer: Dynam-Victor Fumet
interpreter: Frédéric Denis
booklet writer: Wolfram Adolph

Frédéric Denis playing the Henri Didier organ of Notre-Dame in Laon

Edition: CD
Series: Organ - Organ Journal
Series: organ - Organ Journal
Order number: ORG 70082

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"When I was young, I heard Fumet just once play the organ. It was one of the most stunning emotional experiences in my life. I was struck, blown away as if by a maelstrom, emptied of all personal substance; however, I felt instead, with intense delight, a stream of fire shooting across me. Anyone who has heard Fumet perform has experienced a similar sensation." (Bernard Gavoty)
Not a very well-known composer today, the great organist and improviser Dynam-Victor Fumet left an important number of works: numerous symphonies, four masses, various motets and melodies, works for the piano as well as for the organ.
Although a contemporary of Vierne, Tournemire or Dupré, he does not imitate any of them. Having studied with Franck, he has composed pieces with very formal structures and perpetual modulation. He developed a very personal harmonic style, and his rhythmic and melodic language has a certain subtlety that distinguishes him from the main trends witnessed before and after the war. Nowhere does one find the usual glittery scherzos, flute solos, or those dramatic crescendos that make one's head spin. Displaying an extreme degree of intimacy, it is first and foremost music that speaks to the soul.
At the young age of 19, Frédéric Denis was appointed the titular organist of the great A. Cavaillé-Coll organ of Notre-Dame-de-la-Croix in Paris. Since this time he has given numerous concerts in France as well as abroad, performing as a soloist or with an orchestra, and has taken part in several renowned international festivals and recordings.


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