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Music for unborn children

Music for unborn children

A Harmonic Experience

composer: Peter Pannke
interpreter: Tina Rusvay - Mechthild Kampik - Werner Durand - Peter Pannke
booklet writer: Manfred Junius

Mechthild Kampik: 1. tambura / Tina Rusvay: 2. tambura / Werner Durand: 3. tambura / Peter Pannke: 4. Tambura

Edition: CD
Order number: SM 1074-50

Price: 12.00 €
including VAT and plus delivery


The Indian string instrument called the tamboura is known for its spatial (overtone) sound. It is used in an experimental way, that is, in unusual tunings and with a group of four instruments arranged in a circle. The startling range of sounds produces a state of harmonic floating that is reminiscent of a child in the womb.


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