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composer: Peter Michael Hamel
interpreter: Ulrich Kraus - Walter Bachauer - Peter Michael Hamel

Peter Michael Hamel: piano, prepared piano, electronic organ, synthesizer / Ulrich Kraus: synthesizer / Walter Bachauer: electronic basic sound

Edition: CD
Order number: SM 18072

Price: 17.50 €
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Slow Motion
Beyond the Wall of Sleep


Nada is the Sanskrit word for a inner sound perceived intuitively. The melody, bass figure, and fundamental tone of this piece are performed on four different synthesizers; the oft-repeated motif is played on an electric organ. The composition is based on the Indian scale raga kafi. This music calls for careful listening, without any expectations, that is neither exclusively rational and mental at a superficial level nor irrational consumption in a trancelike state of forgetfulness: it is an intense form of hearing that is simultaneously intuitive and meditative, conscious and aware.


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