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Rubin & Horowitz - Bessarabian Symphony

Rubin & Horowitz - Bessarabian Symphony

composer: Joel E. Rubin - Joshua Horowitz
editor: Rita Ottens - Joel E. Rubin
preface: Alfons Michael Dauer
interpreter: Joshua Horowitz - Joel E. Rubin
booklet writer: Joshua Horowitz - Joel E. Rubin

Early Jewish Instrumental Music

Jewish Music Series

Joel Rubin: clarinet in c, tsimble / Joshua Horowitz: button accordion, tsimble

Edition: CD
Order number: SM 16062

Price: 17.50 €
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Dobriden [Good day]
Dem zeydns tants [Grandfather's dance]
Doina Medley
Shulem [Peace]
Shabes nign [Sabbath melody]
Az du furst avek [When you'll go away]
Belf's khusidl
Mazltov [Congratulations]
Bessarabian Symphony
A gute nakht [Good night]


The American klezmer duo Rubin & Horowitz bring to life a world of sound that we thought was lost. They conjure up a kaleidoscope of colors that reflect the original beauty of the instrumental music for weddings and festivals of the eastern European shtetl. The ancient art of ornamentation and the repertoire of the Jewish music of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries comes to life in the hands of these two congenial virtuosos. The instruments the musicians use are also authentic: the clarinet in C is combined with the tsimbl (Jewish dulcimer), which is rarely heard today, and the archaic sounds of a button accordion from 1889.


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