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Intégrale de l'œuvre pour piano - Vol. V
composer: Claude Debussy
interpreter: Nina Tichman
booklet writer: Monika Twelsiek
Nina Tichman: piano
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This CD completes the CD series "Works for Piano" by Claude Debussy played by the American pianist Nina Tichman. This fifth CD focusses on the second book of "Préludes". Themes which moved Debussy in a human way are encircled and appear again and again, for example portraits. In the second volume of the "Préludes" the personalities portrayed are of a particularaly scurrilous type: General Edward Lavine was a famous personality in the revue theaters around 1910; half general, half clown, he appeared in a grotesque uniform and represented the clown-like side of military life. Samuel Pickwick Esquire, Perpetual President, Member of the Pickwick Club is a character from Charles Dickens' novel "The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club", which Debussy pays loving homage to. Festive occasions is another theme that recurs again and again in Debussy's work. The brilliant closing work of the "Prèludes" ("Feux d'artifice") describes the fireworks on the French national holiday. With a loving dedication Debussy presented his little daughter Chouchou with his "Children's Corner". Each of the six miniatures he wrote as a present for her is a confession and a treasure.
Préludes II
Le petit nègre
Children's Corner
Intégrale de l'œuvre pour piano - Vol. V
Order number: WER 62442 12.00 €  Add to basket
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