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composer: Sigune von Osten - Wei Wu - John Cage
interpreter: Wei Wu - Sigune von Osten
booklet writer: Sigune von Osten

Sigune von Osten: soprano / Wu Wei: sheng, erhu, xun

Edition: CD
Order number: ARTS 81102

Price: 12.60 €
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John Cage: Songbooks: Solo for voice 91/24
Sixty-two Mesostics Re Merce Cunningham (I)
Experiences II/Songbooks: Solo for voice 5
Sigune von Osten/Wu Wei: Whsprs
Lo Ing
John Cage: One9. Zwölf Aphorismen
Sixty-two Mesostics Re Merce Cunningham (II)
Sonnekus2/Erik Satie: „Je te veux“


Sigune von Osten, soprano, has been working with non-European musicians and their traditional instruments for many years. She also composes, directs and designs her own projects in combining music, literature, the fine arts, light, space, movement and voices.
“cageAnimations is the current status of my many years of studying the works and ideas of the composer John Cage, with the personal encounters with Cage having a strong influence and lasting impression. John Cage often uses graphical notation or scores based solely on text, and his work therefore leaves ample room for the interpreter’s creativity, almost making him/her a composer in his/her own right. cageAnimationsis the product of this inspiration and animation, at the same time taking its liberties up to the point of presenting my compositions.” John Cage's use of I Chingin his work – and my own studies of traditional non-European music – prompted us to turn towards Chinese music. The co-operation with the Chinese musician Wu Wei and his various traditional instruments, which began as early as 1996, was the logical consequence."
The wish of the interpreters is to open new horizons and “hear-izons” to the listener, to hear “every tone, just as it is” (John Cage).


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