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Songs of a Woodcutter

Songs of a Woodcutter

after poems by Fuad Rifka

composer: Klaus Hinrich Stahmer
author of original text: Fuad Rifka
interpreter: Pi-Hsien Chen - Murat Coskun - Horst Mendroch - Fuad Rifka - Gilbert Yammine
booklet writer: Klaus Hinrich Stahmer

Fuad Rifka: recitation (English) / Horst Mendroch: recitation (German) / Pi-Hsien Chen: piano / Murat Coskun: frame drum / Gilbert Yammine: qanun

Edition: CD
Order number: ARTS 81092

Price: 12.60 €
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Songs of a Woodcutter


1 Piano: Ghina’û Hattab No. 1

2 Recitation (Arabic): Kama lbukharu minal manabeaa

3 Recitation (German) and drum: Wie der Dampf aus den Quellen accompanied by drum: Poem No. 1


4 Piano: Ghina’û Hattab No. 2

5 Recitation (German): Nach grauen Tagen

6 Recitation (Arabic): Baada ayyamin ramadiyya

7 Recitation (Arabic): Sawton janaiziy

8 Recitation (Arabic): Nakkisu lbayariq

9 Piano and Drum: Aschenglut No. 1

10 Recitation (Arabic): Ayyuha lqadariyyun

11 Recitation (Arabic): Ayyatuha l'azmina

12 Recitation (Arabic): Ayyatuha nnujum

13 Recitation (Arabic): Abadan bishumus taltasiqu l'uyun

14 Piano and Drum: Jamron fi rramad No. 1 (excerpt)

15 (1–4)Recitation (German): Ihr Söhne des Schicksals

16 Drum: Poem No. 2


17 Recitation (German): Aus seiner Asche erwacht der Holzsammler

18 Qanun: Zikkrayat

19 Recitation (German): Vor seiner Hütte

20 Piano: Ghina’û Hattab No. 3

21 Recitation (Arabic): Min ramadihi yastafiqu lhattab

22 Recitation (Arabic): Hana lwaqt

23 Recitation (Arabic): Amama kukhihi


24 Recitation (German). Oh Erde, accompanied by drum: Poem No. 3

25 Recitation (Arabic): Ayyuha tturab

26 Recitation (Arabic): Barikihim ya ard

27 Piano and drum: Jamron fi rramad No. 2

28 Piano: Night with Stars


Poetry from the Middle East is mirrored in the music by Klaus Hinrich Stahmer: The "speech music" of this artistic union of poet and composer was written by the Lebanese lyricist, philosopher and translator Fuad Rifka. The Arabian recitations of this year's winner of the Goethe Medal Rifka are complemented by the sounds of the Arabian zither qanun, frame drum and piano.

Rifka's poems evoke memories of the time before the great exodus, they speak of the pain of the lonely old man who stayed. Stahmer's compositions incorporated between the recitations are as hard and relentless as the poem's message; the lines and chords of the musical pieces superbly recreated by Gilbert Yammine (qanun), Murat Çoskun (frame drum) and Pi-Hsien Chen (piano) are as rich as the phonetic material of the Lebanese. The work is completed by the German translations of the texts which are brilliantly read by Horst Mendroch. A production characterized by magical Oriental sounds and a natural joy of playing.


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