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Dramm, David

David Dramm, born 1961, grew up in San Diego and has lived in Amsterdam since 1989. He studied in San Diego with Robert Erickson and later at Yale with Louis Andriessen and Earle Brown. His music is played in rock clubs as well as in concert halls and may also be heard accompanying dance groups, theatre groups and films. His works have also been performed at many international festivals, including in Holland, Moers, Tallinn, Bratislava, Huddersfield and Warsaw. Recording of his music have appeared under the labels BVHaast, Vanguard Classics, Einstein, Attacca, Composer’s Voice and NBE Live.


 Blue Dog - Compositions for Trumpet and Electronics • CD

 Sound Art @ Het Apollohuis - Extracts of concertrecordings 1980-1995 - ZKM milestones • 2 CDs - 72-page booklet