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Rühm, Gerhard

Gerhard Rühm, born on 12 February 1930 in Vienna, is an Austrian writer, composer and visual artist. Rühm studied piano and composition at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts. In the 1950s he started composing sound poems, visual poetry, photo montages and book objects. He was co-founder of the Vienna Group and from 1972 till 1996 he was professor at the Hamburg Hochschule for Performing Arts. His audio productions are outstanding examples of the new audio play and of the acoustic arts and have won numerous prizes. Since 1978, Rühm has been a member of the Free Academy of Arts, Hamburg.


 Wald. Ein deutsches Requiem / Ophelia and the Words / Kleine Geschichte der Zivilisation • CD

 Riverrun: Voicings / Soundscapes - On the human voice, the universe of sounds and noises amidst the silence. A sound journey into the WDR "Studio of Acoustic Art" by Klaus Schöning • 2 CDs - 80-page booklet

 James Joyce / Marcel Duchamp / Erik Satie: An Alphabet (Ein Alphabet) • 2 CDs