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Cage, John

"I still believe that the purpose of music is to sober and quiet the mind thus making it susceptible to divine influences."

"Silence. Sounds are only bubbles on its surface. They burst to disappear."

Of the composers of the twentieth century John Cage (1912–1992) is doubtless one of the most inventive and the most determined in the pursuit of his musical goals. Though not responsible for its invention – for that we have Henry Cowell to thank – it was Cage's sophisticated use of the prepared piano that first brought him fame. In addition, he was responsible for a number of innovations in the aesthetics of music that were as radical as they were influential: the emancipation of noise and the use of silence as an equal partner to the musical material, the introduction of chance processes in composition, the liberation of sounds from any association with history or intention, and not least doing away with the borders of the musical work by introducing other arts. In doing so Cage's declared goal was to reconcile art and life.


 Music of Changes • CD

 Sonatas & Interludes • CD

 Works for Piano & Prepared Piano - Vol. II • CD

 Sonata XIII / Music for Marcel Duchamp / Song Books I-II / Empty Words III • CD

 Etudes Australes (complete) • 3 CDs

 Works for Piano, Toy Piano & Prepared Piano - Vol. III • CD

 Works for Piano & Prepared Piano - Vol. IV • CD

 Satie, Erik: Socrate / Cage, John: Cheap Imitation • CD

 Works for Percussion • CD

 Concert for Piano and Orchestra / Atlas Eclipticalis • CD

 The 25-Year Retrospective Concert of the Music of John Cage • 3 CDs - 96-page booklet

 Roaratorio - Ein Irischer Circus über 'Finnegans Wake' • CD

 John Cage: Two4 / Toshio Hosokawa: In die Tiefe der Zeit • CD

 MagnifiCathy - The Many Voices of Cathy Berberian • CD

 Music & Graphic - Organ Improvisations • CD

 James Joyce / Marcel Duchamp / Erik Satie: An Alphabet (Ein Alphabet) • 2 CDs

 Diary: How to improve the World (You will only make Matters worse) • 8 CDs - 64-page booklet in presentation box

 Anarchic Harmonies - John Cage: Harmonies / Girolamo Frescobaldi: Canzoni • CD

 Riverrun: Voicings / Soundscapes - On the human voice, the universe of sounds and noises amidst the silence. A sound journey into the WDR "Studio of Acoustic Art" by Klaus Schöning • 2 CDs - 80-page booklet

 Credo in US - More Works for Percussion • CD

 CageAnimations • CD

 BIRDCAGE | 73'20.958'' for a Composer - film collage by Hans G Helms (1972) • DVD

 Da lontano • Super Audio CD - Hybrid Stereo + Surround Sound

 Dream / Concert for Piano and Orchestra / Freeman Etudes 1-5 / Ryoanji / Radio Music • CD

 Earle Brown - A Life in Music - Vol. 1 - Earle Brown's Contemporary Sound Series • 3 CDs

 Earle Brown - A Life in Music - Vol. 3 - Earle Brown's Contemporary Sound Series • 3 CDs

 Earle Brown - A Life in Music - Vol. 6 - Earle Brown's Contemporary Sound Series • 3 CDs

 Etudes Australes • 4 CDs

 Etudes Boreales / Harmonies / 10'40.3'' • CD

 Grete Sultan - Piano Seasons • 4 CDs

 Music of Our Time • CD

 One7 | Four6 • CD

 Orient - Occident - aus/from: Sonatas & Interludes (Cage), Das Buch der Klänge (Otte), Stundenbuch (Otte) • CD

 Solo for Cello ... - Works for Violoncello • CD

 Solo for Piano • CD

 Sonatas and Interludes - for prepared piano • CD

 Sound Art @ Het Apollohuis - Extracts of concertrecordings 1980-1995 - ZKM milestones • 2 CDs - 72-page booklet

 Two³ • 2 CDs

 WERGO 50 Years - Special Edition - Strawinsky, Schnebel, Cage, Nono, Stockhausen • 5 CDs