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Series and Sublabels

The renowned CD series CONTEMPORARY MUSIC EDITION produced by the German Music Council sounds the whole width and depth of the current compositional development. The outstanding feature of this series is the top-level interpretation of the works most of which are conducted by the composers themselves. It is accompanied by booklets of excellent editorial design which contain detailed commentaries as well as analyses and lists of works, thus providing all those interested in sound adventures, academics, libraries and schools with a valuable basic collection of recent music.

With the long-running CD series ARS ACUSTICA – The Richness of Acoustic Art – Wergo publishes outstanding works of the Acoustic Art produced during the past years in particular in the Studio of Acoustic Art at the German radiostation Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) in Cologne. Many of these realizations, created by internationally recognized composers, sound-poets, audio and performance artists have been awarded prizes and today are part of the standard repertory which has developed for Ars Acustica as a new media art.

The CD series EDITION ZKM is dedicated to productions from the Karlsruhe ZKM-Institute for Music and Acoustics. Guest artists from all over the world are invited to work in the music studios to realize specific projects. The productions, ranging from digital synthesis and algorithmic composition to the integration of live electronics, from radio art to sound installation, encompass a broad spectrum of that locus where digital technology stimulates musical fantasy.

DIGITAL MUSIC DIGITAL – A must for everyone who is interested in the creation of the new world of sounds made possible by digital synthesis. More than 50 composers from 13 different countries contributed to this first series worldwide dedicated to avant-garde computer music – 1989 started in co-operation with the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) of Stanford University and the System Development Foundation, San Francisco. CDs which focus on a single composer each are completed by thematically composed productions.

MUSICAVISION – In-depth presentations of important composers of the past century using the fascinating multimedia technology of CD-ROM, giving the user access to more than 1,000 photographs, drawings, excerpts from scores and films, samples of music and speech.

The WELTMUSIK label publishes music from Africa, Asia, Latin America and many "small cultures" of the so-called Western world. Openness is the motto – the spectrum reaches from traditional music of the countryside to that of thousand-year-old high cultures to the popular music of the new world-class cities. WELTMUSIK presents many co-productions of the Berlin House of the Cultures of the World and WERGO as well as cooperations with the music department of the Berlin Ethnological Museum (Museum Collection Berlin).

The JEWISH MUSIC SERIES presents the varied musical traditions – classical, traditional, and new: urban and popular as well as rural and folk - of Jewish populations on all the continents.

NATURAL SOUND – Sound pictures of nature that bring home the wonder of nature in all its variety and beauty. Walter Tilgner, the author and producer of most of these recordings, has made an extraordinary effort over the years to elicit acoustic portraits of our meadows, fields, and forests. The dummy-head stereo recording technology and digital recording techniques he uses make for auditory impressions of undistorted quality and unlimited dynamics. These sound documentations are produced without any manipulations or mixing in the studio that might otherwise falsify the natural beauty of the sound.

The CD label ALCRA has both joyful, vibrant works from the more sophisticated varieties of popular music of the past century and classical works in a sunny, provocative style.

GINKGO – music especially for relaxation and meditation that carries a wisp of poetry, of myth come alive, of human desire for paradise.

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