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Holz / Knochen / Öl

Holz / Knochen / Öl

Wood / Bone / Oil

composer: Enno Poppe
interpreter: Ernesto Molinari
booklet writer: Bjoern Gottstein
conductor: Stefan Asbury
orchestra/ensemble: Klangforum Wien

Ernesto Molinari: clarinet / Klangforum Wien / Stefan Asbury: conductor

Edition: CD
Order number: WER 65642

Price: 16.50 €
including VAT and plus delivery


Holz für Klarinette und Ensemble
Knochen für Ensemble
Öl für Ensemble


"Holz – Knochen – Öl" [Wood – Bone – Oil] is a poetic and dramatic cycle that does not only sound like a study on the composition of diverse materials. Composer Enno Poppe tells a story of growth and decay. Whereas wood is a living and growing material, bone promises growth, then stability, firmness and – as a memento mori – death. Oil, in contrast, being a residue of past life, warns us of transience, millennia of decay, while also serving as a source of energy that imparts new life.
"Holz – Knochen – Öl" is also a work on tradition and modernism; on the possibility of writing a solo concerto, today; on the question whether the concept of melody can be actualized in avant-garde music; and on harmonic procedures based on mathematical operations.
World premiere recording!

coproduction with Deutschlandradio Kultur and Westdeutscher Rundfunk


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