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Computer Music Currents 13

Computer Music Currents 13

The Historical CD of Digital Sound Synthesis

composer: Newman Guttman - John R. Pierce - Max V. Mathews - David Lewin - James Tenney - James Randall - Ercolino Ferretti

Edition: CD - 260-page booklet
Order number: WER 20332

Price: 12.00 €
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Guttman, Newman: The Silver Scale
Pitch Variations
Pierce, John R.: Stochatta
Variations in Timbre and Attack
Sea Sounds
Eight-Tone Canon
Mathews, Max V.: Numerology
The Second Law
International Lullaby
Bicycle Built for Two (arranged by Max V. Mathews)
Lewin, David: Studies No 1 & 2
Tenney, James: Dialogue
Ferretti, Ercolino: Pipe and Drum
Randall, James: Mudgett, Monologues for a Mass Murderer/ Sound examples of Jean-Claude Risset's Introductory Catalogue of Computer Synthesized Sounds


More than 50 composers from 13 different countries contributed to this collection of music with computers. Their pieces represent major directions of how avantgarde composers utilize the potential of new technology.


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