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The Many Voices of Cathy Berberian

composer: Cathy Berberian - Sylvano Bussotti - John Cage - Claude Debussy - George Gershwin - John Lennon - Paul McCartney - Claudio Monteverdi - Kurt Weill
interpreter: Cathy Berberian - Bruno Canino

Cathy Berberian: soprano / Bruno Canino: piano, harpsichord

Edition: CD
Order number: WER 60054-50

Price: 18.50 €
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Monteverdi, Claudio: La lettera amorosa
Debussy, Claude: Chansons de Bilitis
Cage, John: A Flower
The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
Bussotti, Sylvano: 'O'. Atti Vocali (from: "La Passion selon Sade")
Weill, Kurt: Surabaya-Johnny (from: "Happy End")
McCartney, Paul and Lennon, John: A Ticket to Ride
Gershwin, George: Summertime (from: "Porgy and Bess")
Berberian, Cathy: Stripsody


"Music is the air I breathe and the planet I inhabit. The only way I can pay my debt to music is by bringing it to others, with all my love." (Cathy Berberian)

Cathy Berberian was born in the United States of Armenian parents. While proficient in the traditional concert repertoire, Miss Berberian was renowned for her contribution to contemporary music. Her enormous flexibility and range together with a strong sense of theater and innate musicality have been acclaimed by press and public alike, and have inspired the creation of compositions by major contemporary composers such as Berio, Bussotti, Cage, Milhaud, Maderna, Pousseur, etc. One of the highlights of her career was her musical relationship with Stravinsky who made the final version of the “Elegy for JFK” for her voice and with whom she gave concerts and made Columbia recordings of Stravinsky’s vocal music.


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