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Canti del Capricorno 1-19

Canti del Capricorno 1-19

composer: Giacinto Scelsi
interpreter: Michiko Hirayama - Masami Nakagawa - Sumire Yoshihara - Alvin Curran - Yasunori Yamaguchi
booklet writer: Ernstalbrecht Stiebler

Michiko Hirayama: voice / Alvin Curran: thai-gong / Masami Nakagawa: saxophone / Sumire Yoshihara: percussion / Yasunori Yamaguchi: percussion / Michiko Hirayama: bass recorder

Edition: CD
Order number: WER 60127-50

Price: 18.50 €
including VAT and plus delivery


Canti del Capricorno 1-19


He is not a composer in the sense of the Latin word 'componere', to put together, as Giacinto Scelsi has often expressed it; he feels himself to be much more the conveyor of a message. This observation has a central meaning for Scelsi, the "non-composer", the creative musician. 

This CD (with private recordings from 1969 as well as 1981/2) was awarded the Quarterly German Record Critics' Award!


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