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Etudes Australes (complete)

Etudes Australes (complete)

composer: John Cage
interpreter: Grete Sultan
booklet writer: Richard Kostelanetz

Grete Sultan: piano

Edition: 3 CDs
Order number: WER 61522

Price: 39.50 €
including VAT and plus delivery


With a score derived from star maps - the "Atlas Australis", a book of maps of stars as they can be seen from Australia - and the "I Ching" (64-choice Old-Chinese chance manual) "Etudes Australes" is a quintessentially Cageian work.
Grete Sultan is an active recitalist who has performed music both classic and contemporary around the world. "When I wrote the 'Sonatas and Interludes', it was with Maro Amian in mind", Cage said. "David Tudor was in my mind when I wrote the 'Music of Changes'. Without Grete Sultan in mind, her quiet, indomitable strength, her devotion to the piano (which I also love), her discipline, her determination to transform music from the paper into life, I would not have embarked on this project. Now of course I am delighted that I did."


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